How is going make up free for one day going to foster positive self-image?

The purpose of a makeup free day is two fold: 

  1. It brings women and girls together to pause and collectively reflect beyond how they look, to consider how they feel on the inside as well.The movement is a champion for self-confidence, vitality and empowerment as key contributors to an overall positive self-image.
  2. It allows us to raise funds to support the Butterfly Foundation. 100% of the funds raised are going to body image education programs and eating disorder support services.


Is this an anti-makeup movement?

Definitely not. We are not anti-makeup but rather we're about acceptance and living in a world where you should feel like you don't need to wear makeup to look or feel good. It's about choice. Many women and girls don't feel they have that choice at the moment. Makeup Free Me is about keeping it real, taking the pressure off and helping women and girls be comfortable in their own skin, inside and out, with or without makeup. 


What if I don’t usually wear makeup, can I still get involved?

If you don’t wear makeup that does not mean you can’t participate. We would love you to still get involved in the campaign. You can still register to go makeup free and help us raise funds. By registering and joining the movement you are showing that you helping to champion positive self-image. We understand it may be more difficult to get your family and friends to donate to you if you don’t usually wear makeup. We would suggest maybe creating a team or joining a team so that you’re not fundraising alone. So jump on and register if you haven’t already.


How do men get involved?

Makeup Free Me recognises that men are an integral part of our campaign. There are a number of ways men can get involved. We would love Australian men to support and encourage the women in their lives to register to go without makeup on Friday 29th August 2014. Men can also show their support by donating online to a friend, family member or making a general donation. Guys, your involvement in spreading the message about the importance of nurturing positive self-image is much needed. So please tell your family, friends and colleagues about the Makeup Free Me campaign so we can get the whole of Australia talking about positive self-image.


Can someone donate from outside Australia?

Yes they can, however donations are only tax deductable in Australia.


Help, I’ve lost my tax receipt.

Don’t worry. Check your email including the junk folder. If you still can’t find it then send us an email at info@makeupfreeme.com.au.


I’m having technical problems with my fundraising page.

If for some reason you’re having issues with your fundraising page then send us an email at info@makeupfreeme.com.au and we’ll get on to it as soon as we can.


What do I do if people give me a cash donation?

Unfortunately we don’t accept cash donations at Makeup Free Me, so please encourage sponsors to donate directly online. If they are unable to do this, then you can collect cash and make a payment online on their behalf. Just remember to get all of their details in order to obtain a tax deductable receipt for them.