Get your work involved

Why not get your workplace involved in the Makeup Free Me campaign?
Here’s a few tips to help you get started:

1. Talk to your colleagues and your employer

Get the thumbs up from your boss to promote the Makeup Free Me campaign. Spread the message with your colleagues and get them excited.


2.  Get a team together

Ask the girls in your department, around the office, across floors and buildings to join together to go without makeup for one day. For some this may be really hard. So make sure you remind them that you’re doing it together to collectively stand against negative body image. And, after all it’s only 24 hours. There’s no limit to how many can register, so go big!


3. Register your team and set up your fundraising profile page

Before you can create your team you’ll need to create your individual fundraising profile page. Once you do this, choose a name for your workplace and then follow the prompts and create your team fundraising profile page. You can then invite others from your workplace to join the team. Don’t forget to personalise your page so people can see photos or messages of whom they are donating to. 

If you have multiple teams within your workplace why not see who can raise the most funds. 100% of the funds raised are going to body image education programs and eating disorder support services run by the Butterfly Foundation

4. Organise an event at work on Friday 29th August 2014

Everyone loves having a break at work over a cuppa and some bikkies and slice. Hosting an event at your workplace on the Friday, such as a morning or afternoon tea can help to raise more funds and awareness for promoting positive self-image. There’s no need to go over the top. Keep it simple and focus on celebrating with colleagues and having a good time whilst raising awareness and funds.


5. Promote your event

Once you have confirmed details of your event, send out an e-mail to notify everyone. Some of your colleagues may even need a reminder the day before and on the day. Ask the boss if you can put up promotional material around the workplace. Check out our Fundraising Toolkit for downloadable posters and other promotional material.


6. Start Fundraising

Be bold and ask your employer to donate to the cause. You can even download a letter from the Fundraising Toolkit to ask for your employer’s support. They may even match the dollars that you raise.

You could even ask for items to be donated and hold a raffle at your event.

Spread the message to all your colleagues (including the guys) and ask them to sponsor you to go make up free. Send out an e-mail, have a chat in your tea break, mention it to the person next to you in the lift, that you are promoting positive self-image and that they could help by donating to the cause.