Your Impact

Every dollar donated to the Makeup Free Me campaign goes directly into Butterfly’s programs to help in the prevention and support of Australian’s suffering from eating disorders and negative body image. These programs include:

School Workshops

Various educational workshops are run with Grade 3 to Year 12 students to teach them about self-esteem, positive body image and media literacy. The workshops seek to provide our young people with the strategies and tools to improve and maintain a positive sense of self worth.


In 2012, it was found that almost 1 million people in Australia were living with an eating disorder. A number of programs are available for people suffering from this devastating mental health issue. These programs also offer care and support for parents and family members of those suffering from an eating disorder, giving guidance, tools and strategies to deal with this serious and often complex illness.


There are times when talking with someone face-to-face can make a huge difference.  Face-to-face counselling consultations provide support for a person suffering from an eating disorder or negative body-image and their parents, siblings, friends and other carers. 

How far do your donations go?

$10 can help 1 primary school student attend a ‘Building Body Confidence’ workshop

$20 can help 1 high school student attend a ‘Getting Media Savvy’ workshop

$50 can help provide access to a group support program for someone suffering from an eating disorder

$100 can help provide one-on-one counselling sessions for someone suffering from an eating disorder or negative body image.

$250 can help a primary school class attend a ‘Just as I am’ workshop

$500 can help a high school class attend a ‘Living Healthy & Free’ workshop

All donations over $2 are tax deductible