How a Positive Body Image Can Change Your Life

positive body image

Having a strong positive body image, especially during the teenage years, is a vital part of teenage development. Also, the relationship between body image and self-esteem is well-documented, partly due to the social impact of Facebook. And, research also shows that a good sense of self is one of the foundations of successful adult life.

In today’s world, positive body image has become an important part of many people’s everyday lives. It has also been linked with self-confidence, partly due to the influence of the media. But does it have a significant effect?


To understand the relationship between a person’s body image and self-image, it is helpful to explore how body image affects self-esteem. A body image, which can also be called a sense of self, is an internal representation of the way a person views themselves, with an emphasis on their physical appearance.

The concept of negative body image is not always clearly understood, but it can be described as the tendency to see oneself in negative terms, such as in terms of weight or physical appearance. For instance, people who have very low self-esteem may struggle with a poor self-image, leading them to see themselves as being ugly or undesirable. Negative body image can also lead to negative social interactions, leading to low self-confidence or low self-worth.

Having a healthy sense of self is often associated with being confident about one’s physical appearance. Studies have shown that having a strong sense of self-image helps increase confidence in social situations and can help improve self-esteem.

What You Can Do

There are several ways to promote a healthy and positive body image. In addition to wearing appropriate clothing that compliments one’s body, there are several other things one can do. These include exercising, eating well, getting plenty of sleep, taking vitamins and other supplements, and engaging in other forms of positive body image activities.

positive body image

While these actions may seem to have limited effect on body image, they are part of a larger plan to build up one’s self-image. By engaging in positive body image activities, the individual demonstrates respect for themselves and the way they look, which in turn increases their overall self-esteem and sense of worth. Besides, a positive body image can help create a safe, comfortable, happy environment that can improve one’s mood.

Promoting a healthy and positive body image through positive body image activities can make a huge difference in your life. It is important to work with your physician to help you understand if you qualify for any type of treatment, or if a body image change is warranted.

Medical Help

If you have any concerns about your body image, seek medical advice as soon as possible. Your physician can help you create a healthy and positive body image that will help you feel better about yourself and lead to a happier, healthier you.

If you do not feel that you need medical intervention to create a more positive body image, there are a variety of self-esteem building exercises you can perform at home. When engaging in these exercises, you should avoid focusing solely on the negative aspects of your body image. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your body image and the benefits that come from your new image.

One of the most common exercises you can do is to imagine yourself in your most flattering outfit. Take a picture of yourself wearing that outfit and then spend time choosing the best features in the picture. Focus on what these features make you look like, and how those features help make you feel and what a confident you look like in that outfit.

Other exercises you can try for enhancing a positive body image include spending time with your family and friends and working with a friend or counsellor on your body image. While this may sound strange, it can have a tremendous impact on your mood. If you do not feel that the changes you see in your pictures will last, or if they are only temporary, then focus on creating a new set of images that make you feel great.